About this event

The American Coalition for Ukraine is excited to announce the second Ukraine Action Summit to be held in Washington, D.C., from April 23-25, 2023. We invite individuals and organizations — from within as well as beyond the Ukrainian community — who are invested in advocating our elected officials to continue helping Ukraine to prevail against the Russian invasion.

The Summit will be an opportunity for groups and advocates from all over the U.S. to exchange best advocacy practices and to continue educating our elected representatives about why the U.S. must support a Ukrainian victory.

This year's Summit will consist of a collaborative advocacy workshop and two days of session-style advocacy workshops and trainings concurrent with Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill.

Join us to ensure your representatives in Congress remember that helping Ukraine defend itself is a moral imperative and in the national interest of the United States. All residents are welcome, regardless of citizenship status – your voice matters!

Interested in participating or representing your organization? Please purchase tickets by April 5th, 2023. All participants will need to arrange for their own airfare and accommodations.

Partner Organizations

Are you part of a community organization interested in partnering with us on this event? Your partnership includes: logo inclusion on materials, an invitation to regular planning sessions as our Summit draws nearer, the option to sponsor a session, and more. Please fill out this form if your organization is interested in joining as a partner organization.

Event Fee

We are asking all attendees to contribute a $25 event fee upon registration. This fee will go towards the cost of materials, space rental, and travel for session speakers and subject matter experts. As we are attempting to offer more of a seminar experience with our second Summit, costs will be higher for this event than in 2022.

However, we do not wish this fee to limit anyone's availability to attend - if you wish to join us for Ukraine Action Summit but cannot afford a $25 event fee, we do have a sliding fee scale so that you can still attend. Simply select that option at check-out.

Have a question or concern? Please reach out to us at summit@americancoalitionforukraine.org. Thank you!

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