The American Coalition for Ukraine believes in democracy, freedom, human rights and dignity for all people, and in particular for Ukrainians who are giving their lives in defense of these principles. Coalition partners call the United States home, but many of us share historic experiences of oppression, violence, and war in our countries of origin and ancestral homelands — many times at the hands of Russian imperialism. We wholeheartedly support Ukraine in its defense of the universal values of freedom and human dignity.

Our principles

Together, as Americans, we stand in solidarity behind an unequivocal victory for Ukraine and lasting security for Ukraine. We are guided by these principles:

  • United States support for Ukraine’s right to self-determination and territorial integrity

  • United States support for free democratic & civic institutions in Ukraine

  • United States support for human rights and human dignity in Ukraine

  • United States support for Ukraine defending its people from external aggression

  • United States support for Ukraine’s economic recovery and prosperity

Our mission

The mission of the Coalition is to bring together diverse organizations that:

  • Support American policies aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s defense, sovereignty, and reconstruction;

  • Promote efforts that strengthen U.S. relations with Ukraine;

  • Serve as a strong voice in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;

  • Provide educational resources to elected officials and the American public about Ukraine’s history and positive impact on the world.

Launch of the American Coalition for Ukraine in front of the White House. Pictured here is UCCA Executive Vice President and the Director of the Ukrainian National Information Service, Michael Sawkiw.

The American Coalition for Ukraine